Thursday, January 21, 2010

Month One - Day 18 to 21

Here I am with one less goal to work toward. No, I haven’t lost 5 lbs already; but my fiancée and I have postponed our wedding. Therefore, now I don’t have to fit into my wedding dress. How does this make me feel? Devastated. However, the world goes on and I have to be grateful for what I do have to look forward to. Like our upcoming cruise and our PEI vacation (in lieu of a honeymoon) in the summer.

Does it change the way I feel about me fiancée? No, of course not. I’m upset, yes, but not with him. I’m upset with the situation; it’s stressful for both of us. Eventually, I will become used to the idea and it will no longer hurt me to think about it. Life carries on.

I still want to continue with my weight loss journey; this has not deterred my determination. Now, more than ever, I need the support of all of you. Thank you so much for reading.


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  1. You're goal of fitting into a wedding dress is a fair goal, but you don't want to lose weight to simply look better. If that's the only aspect your working towards, you're losing weight for the wrong reasons. You should want to lose weight to be healthier, to be active, to lessen your chances of health problems, to live longer... if your in it only to lose weight and look better, trends show that that weight is almost always put back on. Really sit down and figure out why you want to be healthier.

    And keep this in mind.. next time you sit around debating on whether or not you should eat right and/or work out, tell yourself this: "If I exercise and eat right today, my health, my well-being, and my quality of life will improve TODAY. If I don't, then it won't."

    It doesn't take months or weeks. It takes one day.