Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Month One - Day Five & Six

School has started and I could not be more happier. Though I miss staying up till two a.m. and not waking until eleven I do enjoy being back in a routine, well, almost back in a routine. Today was only my second day back and it looks like I will have to fit lunch in between classes this semester as I have no significant breaks in my day, at least not on Mondays or Wednesdays. I packed a lunch today but did not feel well between my morning class and my afternoon class (a break between ten a.m. and eleven a.m.) and so I did not eat anything until close to four p.m. (not good I know). By that time I was so hungry I could not think straight. That'll be the last time I let THAT happen.

The fact that I ate so late in the day and the mountain of homework I had to plow through this evening meant that I did not eat supper until nine-thirty, almost ten at night. I should have gone to the kitchen and had a bowl of cereal or a sandwich but I was stressed and gave in to a junk food craving. Oh me, oh my what a silly girl I am. I knew it would make me feel sluggish, it would give me indigestion and that I would not be able to sleep well tonight because of it but I did it anyway. Old habits die hard I guess ..

At least I got in my thirty minutes of exercise today and yesterday too. That is something I can be proud of myself for! Today I even added a hill into my walking routine, just to make it that much more challenging. Let's celebrate the success instead of feeling bad about the failures ok?

A good friend of mine, Mary Beth Piper (@mbpiper on twitter) suggested this website for low calorie snack ideas: I visited and was very pleased with what I saw. I am excited to try some of these recipes out, like the Apple Pie-lets, those look delicious! I would definitely recommend this site to anyone who likes to snack but wants to do it on the low-cal.

Keep sending your support, I really appreciate it!


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