Monday, January 4, 2010

Month One - Day Three & Four

I love the holidays. As a student I get a nice long vacation (most of which is spent travelling back and forth between my fiancee's family and mine), I get to spend time with the people who mean the most to me and there are mountains of delicious food. The vacation ends and the visiting stops long before the food runs out. Thus, here I am surrounded by my favorite candies, chocolates and junk food and I am not supposed to eat any of it. Given the situation, one can not be blamed for slipping up a little - can they? Either way you choose to look at it I have chosen to forgive myself for my dietary transgression yesterday. Besides, I did not go that far over my calorie limit.

Here is how it all went down: we started the day beautifullly (all be it late) with a wholesome breakfast of whole wheat toast and strawberries and a strip of low fat, low sodium bacon (bacon is not a habit - just a treat). I wanted to give myself a nice boost of energy to start my metabolism and the day off right. When it came time for lunch my fiancee made a vegetarian pizza (low in cheese and high in veggies). It was delicious but I made up my mind to only eat two pieces. At 215 calories per slice, two slices was all that would fit in my diet. The pizza was so good that I ate two more before I knew what had happened. To top it all off, at the end of the day while watching a movie Adam ate a peanut butter ball (one of my top favorite christmas treats) and so I had one too - it is only fair right?

Either way you look at it, fair or not, I was almost 300 calories over my desired budget. And I only put in about fifteen minutes of cycling and some stretching. Not exactly how I pictured the day going in my head but there is always today right? I thought so too so when I woke up this morning I made sure to get up earlier than I have been (eight-thirty instead of ten-thirty), drank a big glass of water and had a banana and some tea for breakfast. I am feeling really motivated to make today a success - I really want to step into a healthy lifestyle routine so that I can make it a part of my life instead of feeling like I am trying to fit it in somehow. In other words, I want this to be natural instead of a chore.

Thanks for reading my blog; your support keeps me strong,


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  1. You're on the right track Jess, but it doesn't feel like your mind is fully into it yet.

    All of those candies and sweets could be given away to your friends, taken to work for coworkers to eat, or thrown out. When you think about it, your not wasting it by getting rid of it. It's doing you good. Keeping it and eating it is toxic what you're trying to accomplish.

    Before you eat something, think about why you're trying to be healthier; whether that's to lose weight, to look better, etc. Then ask yourself if what you're about to eat is going to help you reach those goals.

    Food is a short term satisfaction. When you look back on that one peanut butter ball, what did you accomplish? How has it made your life better right now? The answer is, it hasn't. Keep strong, and flex your willpower.

    P.S. Buy Chicken Bacon instead of regular bacon. It tastes delish and has 75% less fat then the real deal.