Saturday, January 2, 2010

Month One - Day Two

I am completely tuckered out today. I stayed up way too late last night and it seems that it has become a habit. I love holidays but they sure do mess with your schedule. I do not think I have been up before nine a.m. in at least a week. This really makes me feel exhausted and I cannot wait to get back to my school schedule!

Today has been all about increasing my vegetable intake. I managed to eat breakfast (although we ate it at eleven-thirty a.m.) this morning. I made grilled tomato and cheese sandwiches and ate mine with a steaming cup of Eccenechia tea. I really enjoyed it. After a couple long hours of grocery shopping and driving in the trecherous snow we stopped at Subway (instead of Burger King as per usual) and I ate a veggie sub with a small glass of orange juice. I am really pumped that we made that decision because now I do not feel gross. I have a feeling this decision to lead a healthier lifestyle will really give me lots of energy and might even lessen the amount of migraines I get. In keeping with our focus on vegetables today I am going to make a tuna and fusilli salad; can not wait to find out how it will taste!

I even found a few minutes to put in a short workout. I did ten minutes of cycling and then a short stretch routine. I plan to do some ab work and another ten minutes on the bike before hitting the sack early tonight. I think that thing that makes me the most excited is that my motivation has only increased since starting this mission; I am feeling so optimistic about the future!


  1. Having a great day with you! So glad you're on track and excited about going forward. I put in a 20 minute cycle this morning.. I'd like to find ways in intensifying a stationery bike workout though :)

  2. I'm thinking of getting some ankle weights and introducing free weights in for my arms as well. What do you think?